About the Chair

The chairholder and the Chair’s members are entrusted with fostering knowledge and development in the field of entrepreneurship.

Our two main areas of focus are research on entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurship.

Our research topics:

  • business creation
  • entrepreneurial activity systems
  • entrepreneurial and strategic vision
  • technological entrepreneurship
  • spin-offs
  • technological spin-offs
  • intrapreneurship and innovation
  • entrepreneurial education and training
  • small business management and strategies
  • ethnic entrepreneurship
  • immigrant entrepreneurs
  • epistemology of the field of entrepreneurship


The Chair establishes and takes part in working groups to foster the development of entrepreneurship. It organizes seminars and forums with an eye to promoting exchanges, and raises awareness of emerging trends in entrepreneurship. These seminars are geared toward a wide audience ranging from researchers to stakeholders to practitioners.

The Chair develops instructional material and produces case studies for courses, training and education in entrepreneurship.

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