Crisis Management and Dealing with Unexpected

1 day

by Mr Christophe Roux-Dufort

The objective of this seminar is to show participants that any productive system creates elements that are potentially destructive. We should not only manage these elements, but, if possible, anticipate them, prevent them and go beyond them. Although crises usually have negative aspects, they are also conductive of progress. We examine during this seminar the sometimes troubling logic that exist between the ‘organization’ – namely the structure, the production, the order – and the ‘crisis’ – i.e. the chaos, destruction and disorder – so that a system, an individual, an organization or a community can evolve. Even though some models, theories and approaches in crisis management will be considered, the focus of this seminar is not on the specific application of disaster or emergency management.   Rather, ‘the crisis’, which is both a revealing process and a possible change instigator, makes it possible to think and act at the crossroads of the order and the disorder and to lead, potentially, to an ethical transformation. The concept of organizational ethics is also studied in-depth in this seminar.

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