Effective Safety Management

2 days

By Mrs Mary Graham and M. Alan Rossner

This two day seminar examines the managerial issues related to safety management. It provides a holistic view of safety management including: (i) the potential benefits of sound safety management, (ii) the role and form of safety management, and (iii) the formulation and implementation of a safety management plan. Building on quality management principles, we propose managerial frameworks that help participants to create an operating context that will improve continuously in regards to safety rather than comply with current regulation or react to external pressure. An emphasis is put on the integration of safety management practices to other facets of the operations (i.e., production, quality, human resources…). As such this seminar is not on specific regulations (e.g., OSHA in the USA) or on specific technical safety features (e.g., the scaffolding structure on construction site or grounding procedure in electricity transportation maintenance activities). However, specific cases (when possible) will be examined and discussed to demonstrate applications of the concepts lectured during the seminar. Therefore the objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Appreciate the nature of the risk associated to workplace accidents (incidents) and its impact on an organization performance
  • Improve the understanding of organizational decision-making as it relates to the development of a safety plan or system.
  • Provide managers with a set of tools to implement the safety management system effectively.
  • Help managers to develop a strong and productive safety culture.
  • Examine ways to build the workforce competencies and to maximize the return on investment in safety training.

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