Overseas Power Plant Management – Dams and Rivers

3 days

by Marcel Paul Raymond

This seminar covers the principles of power plant management, including maintenance issues as part of their operation. Specific topics of this first part include power plant economic and technical characteristics, which lead to a specific dispatch order. Different technologies are presented to provide a general overview, each with their own set of features and constraints. Then, various management roles and employee responsibilities are described (including maintenance), in order to connect economic and technical characteristics to specific tasks undertaken by different categories of employees. Finally, connections to other divisions of the organization (or of the electricity market) are presented: relationship with the headquarters and with the transmission network operator.

 1. Optimal operations planning of hydroelectric generation systems
– Components of hydroelectric generation systems
– Issues in operations planning
– Operations planning process

2. Power plant maintenance management process
– Mission and functions of the power plant
– Regulatory and internal maintenance requirements
– Maintenance strategies and  specifications
– Maintenance planning and work monitoring
– Diagnostic of the plant condition and continuous improvement
– Personnel training
– Maintenance management indicators and dashboard
– Computerized maintenance management systems

 3. Dams and hydroelectric Installations

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