Overseas Power Plant Operation and Transmission

1 day

by Gilles Bellemare, Denis Gagnon and Michel Amstrong

This seminar focuses on transmission management. Network design and planning considerations are first discussed, before presenting short-term transmission scheduling principles. The various possible investment models in transmission are discussed, with a description of roles and responsibilities. Cost and pricing issues are introduced, along with regulatory and reliability questions. Examples from various international jurisdictions are used to illustrate these topics, including cases from Latin America and North America. Multi-national reliability organizations are also discussed, such as the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

1. Accessing the Markets – The Hydro-Quebec Electrical Transmission System

– Understanding the Electrical Transmission System
– Hydro-Quebec Business Model
– Transmission Tariff (OATT)
– Investment policy
– Hydro-Quebec Neighbouring Markets

2. Hydro-Quebec Transmission Management
– Transmission asset
– Equipment reliability and availability
– Benchmarking

3. System Operation and Control
– Electric Reliability Organisation [Europe (ENTSO-E), North America (NERC)]
– Reliability criteria: frequency, voltage, reserve, N-1, N-2  
– Operational Planning: supply/demand balance, system studies, disturbance analysis
– Protection and telecommunication systems
– System Control and Operation: frequency and voltage control, interconnected operation,  matching generation and load, black start and restoration procedure.

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