Social, Environment and Economic issues

2 days

by Mr Emmanuel Raufflet

Corporate responsibility has emerged over the last decade as a key issue for the business sector in emerging countries, in economics, political, national and international arenas. As such, despite being understood and defined in different ways, there is a consensus that the notion of corporate social responsibility has led to change the behavior of firms across countries and industries. The purpose of this 2-day seminar is double: (1) to propose an overview of the practices and research around Corporate Social Responsibility; (2) to engage participants in making Corporate Social Responsibility closer to their practice and activities.

General focus: Corporate Social Responsibility needs to be understood in its historical and institutional contexts. This part of the seminar will introduce key notions on the practice and research on corporate social responsibility, recent debates and practices in North America, Europe and emerging economies.

More specific focus: Practicing corporate social responsibility in the hydro/ energy sector: experiences, approaches, and positive benefits of proactive stakeholder engagement and dialogue on environmental issues with local communities and groups. 

Teaching approach will be interactive, based on short teaching cases, class discussions, lectures on key notions of corporate social responsibility and stakeholder engagement, as well as relevant videos and readings.

Download the material for the Corporate Environment Management and Social Responsability Seminar

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