Seminar 3: Renewable Energy Integration into Electricity Markets: a non-technical approach

– 2 days –

讲座3 :可再生能源进入电力市场: 一种非技术性的方法

From a strictly technical aspect, producing, transporting, storing and different ways of integrating renewable energy (RE) technologies from wind or solar, often called “variable generation”, are more and more understood by specialists in the electricity sector around the world, this session will not focus on these technical issues but rather more on the challenges energy companies are facing with understanding the market environment they are in. Today, more than ever, the classic business model used for decades, derived from integrated electric companies, is evolving while creating internal misunderstanding among company’s employees working in these “new” electricity market environment changes that needs to be better understood. This session focuses on markets best practice for incorporating renewable energy, distributed generation, energy storage, proper use of more “stable” generation (thermally activated or hydro technologies), and demand response into the electric distribution and transmission system. First, a market theory study approach is being used to balance cost recovery risk for electric company’s while promoting better integration development and demonstrations, regulatory need, better rate design, and lowering institutional barriers for using renewable and distributed systems. Second, we will compare different market solutions that are being discussed and/or implemented in North America and Europe. Finally, we will use what is being attempted around the world to explore some solutions that could be adapted for the participants company’s own market environment.

The goal of this session is to help participants better understand “up-to-date” issues being discussed around the world with integrating renewable energy from a non-technical perspective. More specifically, we will:

  • Explore economic, finance, regulatory, rate design and cross-jurisdiction marketing issues related to the need to integrate RE;
  • Compare North American and European electricity markets solutions that are being discussed and implemented for better RE usage;
  • Discuss possible regulatory and rate design options that could be adapted for the company’s own environment and reality.

The format of this seminar is the following:
Day one – Issues from classic electric market theory to integrate RE
Day two – Market solutions being explored and implemented for integrating RE : Exploring pro and cons of RE integration solutions with participants


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