Seminar 4: Management Skills

– 2 days –


This seminar will allow participants to better understand their role as managers and leaders, to sharpen their analytical abilities when managing people, and to develop their management and leadership skills. It also offers some tools for continuous learning to those searching for management approaches that they can make their own and that are therefore more likely to succeed.

The approach of the seminar is practical. Participants will be provided with occasions to put their abilities to the test in realistic work situations that involve interpersonal relations, such as exercising authority, influence and power, working in teams and exercising their leadership. These abilities encompass understanding one’s own management style, navigating one’s relationships with one’s collaborators (superiors, peers, subordinates), communicating effectively, managing reactions of resistance and hostility, and understanding and mobilizing the power sources in organisations.

Through a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their own style, of the possible reactions of managers and subordinates involved in relations of authority and of the ways that their organization really functions, managers are better able to develop practices that are more realistic and more authentic – that is, practices that take into account organisational and individual dynamics and that therefore are more likely to better serve organisational objectives and to achieve desired results.

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