Anastassios Gentzoglanis

Anastassios Gentzoglanis holds a Ph.D. degree from McGill University in Canada, and is a Full Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. He is teaching and conducting research in the area of Regulatory Economics. He has also taught at various universities in Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America and Africa and worked on a number of research projects related to the economics of regulation and new technologies. He has been published in a number of high quality scholarly and industry journals and participated in many international conferences and workshops. He has recently co-edited a book on the Regulation of network industries (E. Elgar Publishing, 2010).  Dr. Gentzoglanis is frequently organizing international conferences and summer schools in Canada and abroad for professionals working in the area of regulation of energy markets. Since 2000, he has being offering, in collaboration with French-speaking countries (Francophonie), an executive program in the area of Regulation of Public Utilities. As an expert in the field of regulation and in collaboration with HEC Montréal, Professor Gentzoglanis has participated in a number of projects, particularly the ones in Brazil and in China. He was a faculty member of the Graduate Diploma in Management of the energy sector (DESS) in Chengdu for Sichuan Electric Power Corp. managers, also of HEC Montréal’s Energy Management Development Program for SEPC, China Yangtze Power Corp., China Guodian Corp., Jilin Electric Power Corp., and recently of the Overseas Power Plant Management Training Program for CYPC and CGTC. He has also worked on various projects for CIDA, IDRC, ITU, UNESCO, UN, CEDEAO, ICAMERICA, Ministries of Energy, of Industry and the Environment. He has a long experience consulting with private-owned and state utilities and Regulatory Agencies around the world. Professor Gentzoglanis has developed various custom-made curricula in the area of market design and pricing in the electricity markets, telecommunications and other network industries.

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