Management Simulation : GLOBSTRAT

by Professor Taieb Hafsi

GLOB’STRAT uses the Internet in a completely interactive manner to provide strategic management simulations that let participants take on the roles of senior managers working in teams that make decisions regarding R&D, manufacturing, and the marketing and sales of a full product line in an internationalizing competitive market.
Participants are required to analyze their markets and the industry in order to allocate resources and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. An ongoing series of decisions within a fast-changing environment forces them to seek a balance between short-term and long-term priorities. Operational decisions must be consistent with the formulated strategies.  
From an educational standpoint, GLOB’STRAT meets the training objectives of today’s managers. Its emphasis on management practices and the overview it provides of the full range of business decisions make it an excellent tool for acquiring a well-rounded view of the firm and its functions. Theoretical principles can therefore be applied in a more hands-on manner. Participants learn to understand and experience the impact of the decisions they make and their strategic implications.

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