Marketing of Energy Products

by Professor Sylvain Audette

The main objectives of this course are to identify the characteristics of the marketing process for energy products, apply these concepts to relevant energy products and/or companies, and understand the role of the marketing function in energy producing or distributing companies.
The focus will be on the process for preparing a marketing strategy, particularly market analysis, including the concepts of user behavior, market strategy and segmentation, target markets and positioning. The second part of the course will deal with the specific elements of marketing, i.e., product, price, placement and promotion, and how these elements combine to help the firm reach its marketing objectives. Case studies will be presented to help identify the specific consequences for the energy sector. The seminar then moves on to the integration of marketing elements into the decision-making and strategic planning processes. New marketing practices will be examined for electricity and natural gas products, along with the marketing procedures of national energy firms.

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