New Energy Sector: a worldwide perspective

The purpose of this seminar is to present the trends in the energy sector and analyze the way countries and companies react to these trends. The first part of the seminar deals with energy balances and the main indicators linked to energy performance and the environment. The development of the primary sources of energy, energy consumption, and trends in various parts of the world are covered. The second part analyzes structural adjustments caused by technological changes, the new competitive environment and regulatory reforms.


More specifically, the seminar looks at structural changes that have taken place in the competitive environment of the oil and gas industries. It covers special topics such as peak oil, global refining, and development of LNG and oil companies’ strategies with regard to takeovers, mergers and strategic alliances. Special attention is given to alternative energies such as non-conventional oil and gas, along with renewable energies, i.e. wind, solar and geothermal.

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