Organizational Structure and Management System for most Electricity Firms

Organizations enable a group of people to effectively coordinate their efforts and get things done. The structure of an organization is the pattern of organizational roles, relationships and processes that permit a wide variety of functions to be accomplished. Organizational structure enables coordination among members and defines the boundaries of the organization and its relationships with others in the external environment. Effectively structuring an organization is essential in achieving its strategic and operational goals: understanding organizational structuring is a critical part of being an effective manager.

This seminar exposes participants to the key concepts and challenges of organizational structure and management systems.

Specific topics in this seminar include:

  • Different types of organizational structures (functional, divisional, matrix, networked);
  • Management systems that support the organizational structure (including how groups work together, solve problems, gather information and make decisions);
  • Relationships and communications of organizational members with one another (including between headquarters and subsidiary operations); and
  • Role of managers in making the organizational structure effective both operationally and strategically.  

The seminar focuses particularly on organizational structures and management systems pertinent to and used in electricity firms. It draws on examples and experience in electricity firms operating in different countries and using different production technologies.

This seminar introduces participants to key concepts in organizational structure and management systems using a combination of lectures, cases and practical exercises. It emphasizes practical knowledge, discussion and active learning.

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