Renewable Electricity Market Intergration


All around the world, many governments have introduced new laws promoting the integration of renewable energy.  Notably, a lot of effort has focused on the supply side of the electricity market with the integration of electric production capacity from renewable sources like wind or hydro.  Without neglecting that fossil fuel electricity production is still needed to satisfy the demand in many countries, governments are imposing renewable energy sources to electric grid companies while they have to find ways to meet the future demand growth.


These government obligations of integrating renewable electricity production in the supply mix, and then finding ways to transport and distribute this renewable energy towards the different consumptions markets, won’t come without challenges.  Many of these challenges are around economics issues to make sure the market can work while adapting quickly to demand variations in different sub markets.  Many other issues are more technical in nature as they try to find ways to connect the different renewable supply side production to the demand side at the right time, to the right consumers, and with maximum reliability of the grid.


The main objectives of this seminar are; understanding the many economic and technical challenges Chinese grid companies will be facing in integrating renewable energy; knowing some different option they could consider while integrating renewable option in the Chinese electricity market and learning from real case study around the world in trying to integrate renewable energy in their electricity market.


This seminar is quite unique in the way both instructors work together to combine economic and technical issues with the participant.  After setting the tone during the first two days on basic knowledge and understanding the key concepts, the third day is entirely dedicated towards real case studies around the world.  Both instructors will first share their knowledge and understanding of the many economic and technical challenges governments are imposing on grid companies to promote renewable integration.  Then they will share knowledge through real case studies around the world energy market and propose comparisons to the existing market in China.

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