Strategic Performance Management – Developing Key Performance Indicators

This seminar is intended to equip participants with the necessary skills to implement the fundamental steps in performance management deployment. First, we explore how organizational strategy is deployed through the operations. We propose analytical tools and models to clearly identify the performance outputs expected by the clients and partners, and the competitive advantages that must be harnessed and defended. The objective of the first part is to clearly understand how operational decisions develop and consolidate these advantages while allowing the managers to effectively respond to the expectations of its clients and partners.

The second part proposes a performance management framework that translates the strategic orientations, down to the level of daily operations. The balanced scorecard model is presented. We begin by introducing strategic maps that can serve to identify management preoccupations on all dimensions of value creation and clarify their logical sequence. We also present the principles and practices of planning with an emphasis on formulating objectives and performance indicators that allow identifying and tracking management concerns.

Best practices in monitoring and accountability are then proposed. The relevance and accessibility of information is central. We therefore underline the qualities that dashboards and visual workstations should possess, along with the conditions that allow them to be used to their fullest potential.

The academic formula retained exposes participants to a continuous knowledge transfer. The proposed analytical and implementation tools are tested in workshops. Participants are invited to enrich the workshops by sharing their experiences with the context and processes within their own business units. Appropriation of knowledge is thus highly personalized. We will also encourage dialogue and discussion among participants by inviting teams to present their work and review the other groups’ achievements. We also propose that a journal be produced by each participant to maximize knowledge acquisition.

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