The Smart Grid for Managers and Technical Leaders

This three-day seminar is about the project of electrical network modernization, the development of a Smart Grid aimed at improving energy consumption, asset management, network reliability, as well as enabling the integration of more renewable energies and electric cars. This training is intended for Managers and Technical Leaders of electrical and energy efficiency businesses. This three-day seminar will be divided in six half-day sessions, each aiming at developing knowledge and know-how (skills). 

The introductory session first outlines the general presentation of the electrical network modernization project called “Smart Grid”. The project’s origins, its finality, the issues, and a review of several initiatives in this area will be presented. The second session will be focused on the impact of the Smart Grid on business processes of electrical distribution and on transmission utilities.  Special detail will be provided on planning, network operation, and maintenance. Measurement, procurement and implementation of energy efficiency programs will also be addressed. A review of the different components of the Smart Grid will be presented during the third session.  Demand and peak management, advanced metering, network automation, monitoring of on-line equipments, Volt and var controls, among other technologies, will be presented.  Some technical notions will be explained allowing Managers and Technical leaders to understand the outcome of new applications, to choose and prioritize the components to be deployed on the network or on the customer premises.  Case studies will allow participants to assess cost and benefits of these components.  The forth session will cover the technical challenges raised by the Smart Grid, as well as standards, knowledge gaps, new equipment and software being developed to ensure network operability, and harvesting benefits from these new applications. The fifth session will be focused on new market trends and orders being set to enable Smart Grid development, as well as on the emerging new actors, on the evolution of the regulatory framework and the companies’ business model. The last session will be centered on current best practice studies in this area and to answer questions from participants.

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