EMDP Program 项目

The EMDP is a tailor-made program that offers participants and companies the advantage of flexibility, by clustering seminars according to the organization’s training needs.

Energy Management Development Program brochure – english version

Energy Management Development Program brochure – chinese version

The International Executive Education Team, in collaboration with the partner organization, will design a customized program by selecting:

The location

HEC Montréal professors can give their seminar in any international location or in the high-tech facilities of HEC Montréal.

The language

All seminars are available in English, French or with simultaneous translation into any other language.

The structure

A variety of seminars and topics can be chosen from our extensive selection.

The format

For example, each topic can be offered as a two- or three-day seminar. Seminars held in Montreal can be combined with complementary industrial visits or conferences by experts from leading energy organizations.

Our executive seminars are intended for middle and senior managers working for oil, gas and electricity companies in the public and private sectors. The main objective of the program is to prepare participants for greater responsibilities by ensuring that they master key management concepts and develop leadership skills.

 All seminars combine theory and practice to ensure students gain a broad view of key issues in the energy sector, together with the analytical tools that facilitate decision making. Upon completion of the EMDP, participants will have acquired general and specific theoretical and practical concepts that underlie administration of today’s energy firm, ranging from management skills to the development of operational and investment plans and strategies.

The program is offered in English with translation in Chinese.

Participants attended to 10 modules within the following:

Management of the Energy Sector
Introductory Management
Corporate Management
Strategic Management in the Energy Industry 
Business and Corporate Govenance
Change Management
Management Simulation: Globstrat
Organizational Structure and Management System for most Electricity Firms
Strategic Performance Management (KPI)
Managerial Economics
Supply Chain Management
Marketing Energy Products
Management Accounting
Human Resources Management
Strategic Human Performance Management
Talent Management: a process to achieve business objectives through people
Decision Support Tools

Challenges of the Energy Sector
Electricity Market : Mastering Competition through a Simulation
New Energy Sector: A Worldwide Perspective
Energy Regulation and Law
Energy Planning and Demand Forecasting
Environment Management and Sustainable Development
Social, Environmental and Economic Issues
Optimal Management of Production Systems
The Smart Grid for Managers and Technical Leaders
Renewable Electricity Market Integration

Energy Projects: Financial and Economic Analysis
Economic Evaluation of Investment Projects
Financial Analysis
Risk Analysis
Project Financial Evaluation and Financing
Financial Products

On-demand Specialized Energy Seminars with personalized content
HEC Montréal constantly develops tailor-made seminars to meet the training needs of our partners. Recently, we have offered seminars on the following topics:

– Effective Safety Management
– Dams Safety
– Dams and Rivers Management for Power Plant
– Crisis Management and Dealing with the Unexpected
– Power Plant Operations and Transmission Management
– Power Plant Optimization
– International Treaties and Agreements

We also have the capability of designing seminars on the following cutting-edge topics:

– Energy efficiency best practices: financing & organizational challenges
– Energy data: sources, availability and use
– Reliability centered maintenance (RCM)

In addition, we regularly organize field and industrial visits in conjunction with our seminars:

– Hydro-Quebec power plants
– Hydro-Quebec research institute (IREQ) and Electrium (electricity interpretation centre)
– Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator
– Alberta’s oil sands exploitation

Pedagogical approach
The professors at HEC Montréal use a broad range of teaching methods based on practical methods and oriented towards developing management skills and capabilities. The program’s pedagogical approaches are focused on practical experiences designed to develop strong management and action skills: case studies, debates and discussions, conferences and talks given by guest lecturers.


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