24th May 2011 (Tuesday)

8.30-9.00 am Registration of participants
9.00-9.15 am Welcoming remarks by Director IEPRe
Session 1:

9.15-12.15 pm

Introduction to project evaluation
Seminar introductionDescription of Cost
-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) and Cost
-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
Methodology for CEA and CBA Ten steps of CEA and CBA:
1- Setting the framework for the analysis

2- Deciding whose benefits and costs should be recognized
3- Identifying and categorizing impacts

Q & A 

12.15-1.30 pm Lunch
Session 2:

1.30-4.30 pm

Ten steps of CEA and CBA (continued)   

4- Estimating impacts over the lifetime of the project

5- Monetizing costsQ & A 

4.30 pm End of Day 1

 25th May 2011 (Wednesday)

 Session 3:

8.30-12.30 am

6- Quantifying and monetizing benefits
Includes special topic: 
Evaluating power system reliability
Q & A 
12.30-2.00 pm Lunch
 Session 4 :

2.00-4.30 pm

Ten steps of CEA and CBA (continued)

7- Discounting benefits and costs to obtain a present value

8- Computing an economic metric

9- Performing sensitivity analysis

Q & A  

5.00 pm End of Day 2

26th May 2011 (Thursday)

 Session 5:


10- Presenting your recommendations
How to effectively present your results to decision makersQ&A 
12.30-2.00 pm Lunch
 Session 6:

2.00–4.30 pm

Practical issues to consider and reactions to anticipate

Additional case studies and content based on reactions from seminar attendees throughout the seminar

5.00 pm Certificate delivery ceremony
End of Day 3 

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